A Collaborative Robotics Program

We are trying to engage as many people, especially kids, to pursue our opportunities further, in school, in work, at home… careers, By providing content to be successful, and then MORE successful, INFORMATION is required.

Putting Collaboration before competition allows you to support: 

1) Fun while Learning,
2) Sharing, and 
3) Teamwork 

And that’s a 1, 2, 3, WOW

RoboRAVE International comprehensive training program with Preparation, practice and play "PPP"


In this stage, students and teachers prepare with training to become certified in robot programming in different languages by online training with the academy platform or physically in a face-to-face course; for example blocks, JavaScript, etc.


In this stage, students practice applying what they have learned in their training or course and perfecting it on the RoboSensei simulation platform or physically with their robot.


Now that you are ready you can participate and have a great time, meet friends and find out what your skill is in face-to-face, hybrid or virtual robotics competitions.

Discover what you like and make it your profession today and in the future